Want schools? You'll want to vote on this!

Got schools? It's because Ann Arbor stepped up. Now it's time to do it again! Tuesday, May 8th

We need to renew the Ann Arbor Public Schools operating millages, because they keep the doors open.

Ten years ago, in the face of great economic uncertainty, our community voted to keep our schools open for all our children. Now we have the chance to guarantee the next 20 years!

A yes vote keeps the doors open. The AAPS operating millages provide half our funding.
The state expects us to pay these taxes as our local share of school costs. They won't make up the difference if we don't.
A yes vote protects our future. The proposal protects funding for our schools.
We'd avoid "rollbacks" and ensure that AAPS gets the full funding it's entitled to.
A yes vote renews our commitment. We'll secure the next 20 years.
If we pass this renewal, our community won't need to revisit this issue for years to come.

What's on the ballot? We would be renewing the 18 mill tax on commercial property, and the "hold harmless" millage on homestead property that ensures we get full funding. The proposal would protect our schools from mandatory tax "rollbacks."