Reason #3 to support the Washtenaw Special Ed renewal

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Support the Washtenaw Special Education millage on November 7th!

Reasons to support the special education millage renewal:

No. 3 - What's raised here stays here!

Chart of AAPS special education funding sources

  • 100% of dollars raised will be used for students in Washtenaw County.
  • State and federal funding covers less than half of the cost of special education - local districts are expected to find ways to cover the rest.
  • This millage is one of the few ways communities can directly preserve school funding, by ensuring that special education costs are covered by dedicated funds.

About 1 in 9 AAPS students receive some kind of special education services, from full time assistance to once-a-week interventions. Our schools are committed to serving these students - and are required to do so by law - but State and Federal funding covers only about ONE THIRD of our special education costs. The rest would come out of our regular funding if it weren't for dedicated region-wide millages like this one (and even then, AAPS still uses $6 million in General Fund dollars to fill the remaining gap). Combined with other millages, this renewal will help cover nearly all of our schools' special education costs, ensuring that our unrestricted funding is available to serve all students.