It’s Up To Us: Protect Our AAPS Schools on May 2nd!

Support the AAPS Sinking Fund

Why increase the Sinking Fund from 1mill to 2.5 mills for 10 years?

Local dollars mean local control.  During hard economic times AAPS used funds to preserve classrooms and programs, delaying property and building improvements.  Now we have to catch up! 

A VOTE YES Invests in our Future
AAPS consists of 32 schools - with an average age of over 60 years.  Just like homeowners need to maintain their roof, plumbing, HVAC, the yard and more, districts must keep their facilities working for children.

A VOTE YES Prepares For Growth
AAPS projects 1,000 additional students in the next 7 years from new housing developments in the AAPS attendance area.  Strategic expansion will be crucial at some elementary schools, starting with temporary classrooms.

A VOTE YES Boosts Learning
We must make ongoing improvements to all our classrooms, playgrounds, performance and athletic spaces not only for our kids but also the community that uses them.

What difference does 2.5 mills make?  For those with the median home value of $280,000 that’s about $4 more per week.  For our kids, it delivers the quality schools our kids deserve.