Vote YES on May 3rd!

Strong Schools Build Strong Communities:
Support the Washtenaw Schools Special Education Millage!

Everyone benefits

  • The millage would raise $22 million for special education in Washtenaw Co. - money currently spent from funds intended for general education.
  • The Special Education Millage would mean more money available to classroom teachers for ALL students in ALL grades.
  • Strong public schools attract businesses, increase property values, and create a vibrant, well-educated community.

Special needs students deserve our support

  • About 1 in 7 children in Washtenaw Co. receives special education services.
  • Special education covers a wide range of needs, including speech therapy, learning disabilities, hearing impairments, cognitive disorders, and physical limitations.
  • Special education helps students achieve their highest potential, allowing them to contribute to our community as productive citizens.

What's raised here stays here

  • 100% of dollars raised will be used in Washtenaw Co. schools.
  • State & federal funding covers only 51% of the cost of special education - local districts are required to make up the rest.
  • This millage is one of the few ways citizens can directly increase school funding.

What will it cost?

The Special Education Millage would result in a 1.5 mill tax increase. For a homeowner with a house valued at $200,000, this proposal would increase taxes by $150 per year, or less than $3 per week - about the cost of a caffe latte.

Get more details

Learn more about how this millage will help Ann Arbor schools - visit the AAPS web site.

Support our schools & our community!

Vote YES on May 3rd, 2016!