VOTE YES on November 5th!

Ann Arbor Public Schools 2019 Bond - VOTE YES

Our parents and grandparents built our schools. Now it's our turn to prepare them for the next generations!

Did you know? The the State of Michigan provides $0 dollars to improve and maintain our schools. This is 100% a local community responsibility! On November 5, AAPS voters will be asked to approve a Capital Bond Proposal that will yield up to $1 billion dollars through a 1.65 mill increase. For just $19 per month investment into our schools, we can modernizing all our schools for the 21st century. (Monthly investment amount is based on the average taxable value of a home in Ann Arbor, $138,000).  The funds will be used to proactively upgrade, renovate, repair, improve, and transform our aging schools into healthier, safer modern schools.

Ann Arbor Public Schools' buildings are 63 years old on average, with several near their 100th birthday. Like old houses, they have history and character - and need a lot of "tender loving care."

Help us get the word out, VOLUNTEER today!

The Ann Arbor Citizens Millage Committee (A2CMC) is a 100% volunteer organization. We need your help to get the word out to all Ann Arbor Public School voters. Want to hand out flyers? Want to get a yard sign? Sign up here!

Questions? Get in touch with us on our contact form.

For more detailed information about the proposal, please visit: